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To Purchase a Lease Option Home from us please review the qualification requirements for our available Lease Option Homes.

Lease PurchaseThere are many things you should know prior to entering into an agreement to rent a home or sign a Lease Purchase Option agreement. Did you know if you enter into a Rent to Own agreement and are 1 day late with your payment, it is legal in the State of Alabama for the landlord to start you over with your first payment? Let’s say you paid on time for a year and were late last month by a day, legally all payments can be reverted as though you never made the first payment. Read more about the pros and cons here.
We provide consulting services in the Birmingham, Alabama area for those who are interested in a Lease Purchase Option or renting a home. We met many families over the recent years that were losing their homes. We decided to work the other side of the spectrum so the banks and dishonest investors were held accountable. We are a professional company based in Birmingham that deals with many investors on a daily basis in the area. We provide the expertise to ensure you get a fair payment and/or sales price based on current market conditions. Whether renting or leasing we assist you in negotiations with the landlord and/or seller. We will assist in finding the right home for you, inspecting the home for issues that effect livability, and then make sure you are not taken advantage of due to your current situation. Find an example of a lease option contract here. We can provide credit restoration to help you get to the purchase option and be able to obtain a traditional mortgage. We can also locate private lending sources that don’t charge 15% interest. We understand your situation and have private loans tailored specifically for you.
Lease Purchase

Opportunities are Available

Don’t rush the process because someone said they would rent or lease to you. There are plenty of opportunities. Let us help you find the right opportunity for you. Call or reply to us today for a free lease purchase consultation.